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Understanding Karma (or Destiny Learning)

Unpleasant and unwelcome events in our lives can be a real challenge for us. Crises come and we wonder "Why should this happen to me?" "Why do I keep finding myself in this same situation?" "The very things that I didn't want to happen keep happening!"

In this initial workshop we work with these questions within the safety of two small groups. Through a guided process we explore the spiritual basis for them and attempt to find their source in past lives.

We will work towards transforming this blocked energy into creativity. Artistic and observation exercises enhance the process, although artistic talents are not necessary.

Destiny Learning II Workshop

Open to those people who have completed an initial Destiny Learning workshop this seminar looks at how we can work at transforming our karma from the past.

When we respond differently to the hindering recurrent events in our lives we become more alive and gain more energy to get on with the tasks in this life that we have come here to do.

We practice new ways to overcome our habitual tendencies by bringing love into these resistances. We learn to transform blocked energy so that we can move forward more freely into our future.

Destiny Learning III

This weekend workshop is only open to those people who have completed a course in the earlier Destiny Learning seminars 1 and 11.

We will work with the following questions:

Who are the people I am karmically connected to?
What blocks us in our relationships?
How can I be freer in them?

We widen our exploration to include our karmic network of companions. We discover ways in which we hinder creative interaction with them and how we can change this for the better

Understanding and Practising Karma

This workshop is about learning from events in our life that frees us to connect with the main task in our life. It is based on the insights of Rudolf Steiner and their further development by Coenraad van Houten during the last decade.

Recurring situations in our lives can present us with a recurring, unwelcome challenge. Why does it always happen to me? we ask in frustration. How can I change this repeating pattern of events and my response to what occurs? The very things that I didn't want to happen keep happening!

In this initial Destiny Learning workshop we work within the safety of small groups guided by experienced facilitators who trained with Coenraad van Houten. Working together, each person's recurring pattern of hindering events is clearly identified. We deepen awareness of its spiritual basis, attempting to connect to its source in past lives. We work towards transforming this blocked energy into creativity. Movement, colour and observations exercises enhance the process. The workshop is more concerned with personal development than therapy.

Destiny Learning IV

This weekend workshop is only open to those people who have already completed courses in the earlier Destiny Learning seminars I, II and III. As a result the course is not held frequently and comes by way of invitation only. It brings to a culmination the Destiny Learning process and we will work with the following questions:

What is a genuine initiative, when did I take such a step, what have I learned from it? How is it connected to the spiritual world and human evolution? How can I take inner and outer steps to really fulfil my life's objectives?

We explore the taking of initiatives, which heal and order destiny. We become conscious of how our own life's pathway connects to the development of all human beings, also to spiritual beings, and earth evolution.

Understanding Your Relationship to Money

Why is my relationship to money so problematical?
Why do I never seem to have enough?
Why am I always in debt?
Why am I always worrying about money?
Why do I feel guilty just because I have made good provision for a "rainy day"?
Am I more of a spender or a saver?
What is my relationship to karma through money?

These are some of the questions so frequently asked nowadays. How we get money, how we keep it, how we use it are of prime importance in almost everyone's life.

We will be working intensely in two small groups and in a practical way to try to bring clarity into all these issues. Previous participants have said that this workshop has been quite life changing for them in that it has made them more conscious in their financial lives. Observation exercises and some artistic work will enhance the process.

Working With Your Guardian Angel

Your Guardian Angel has been with you always and knows your karma. On this workshop we shall be exploring how to contact, recognise and develop a deeper understanding and conscious working relationship with your Guardian Angel. The spiritual significance of this work will assist in consciously directing your destiny.

This will be a non-intrusive, interactive process of expression through colour, speech, music, movement, creative visualisation and meditation.

Please wear loose comfortable clothing. Paintbrushes, paper and paint can be provided. There will be a one-hour lunch break. Please bring your own lunch.

Karma of Forgiveness

An experiential, non-intrusive and spiritually orientated workshop to enhance personal freedom and spiritual growth.

You will use watercolours specific music, visualisations and meditations to explore the Karmic nature of forgiveness and the transformation of associated patterns and issues.

Biography Workshop - Learning from your life journey

Biography work has been developed in Europe over the past two decades. By sharing our own life story and listening to those of others in small groups a new perspective begins to dawn. Really surprising insights into our own destiny path often arise.

Our own life, with all its challenges, begins to show itself as an ongoing creative work of art. This can stimulate enthusiasm and ideas for new ways to go forward in day-to-day life - particularly at times when we may feel stuck.

Biography workshops are designed to be focused and refreshing. Short talks and simple artistic exercises are included to help enhance the process. The weekend will include:

The Overture - our arrival into this life
The Melody - childhood gifts and difficulties
The Crescendo - meeting the challenges
The Reprise - the themes, the next steps

Basic Counselling Skills - for The Kinesiology Federation

Basic Counselling Skills as core subject requirement for The Kinesiology Federation, four day course which enables students to practise effective listening and responding, to equip students with the skills required with helping people with emotional problems.

Karma of Untruthfulness - By striving for the truth we gain our freedom

We shall explore in a non-intrusive manner the ways in which we mask the truth and it's Karmic consequences within an interactive process of expression through colour, speech, movement, creative visualisations and meditation. The spiritual significance of this work will assist in consciously directing your destiny.

Meeting Thresholds

Birth and death provide an obvious experience of crossing thresholds. In our daily lives we also cross thresholds between inner and outer worlds. We shall be exploring how we strive for the crossing of thresholds in a balanced way through an interactive process using colours, movement, creative visualisation and meditation.

Bringing Light into the Darkness

Rudolf Steiner spoke of the stories of the Great Initiates such as Zarathustra/Buddha/Christ/Mani/Rosenkreutz throughout history who had a part in the transformation of darkness with the light.
In this workshop we shall recognise and work with aspects of darkness in our lives which need to be transformed with the light of insights and understanding and practical exercises into a balance of colour for inner development.

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