Creative Impulse Colour Therapy School accredited by A.N.M. The Association of Natural Medicine and approved and recommended by the Kinesiology Federation offers Certificated Part-time Courses in:

1.- Intuitive Colour Counselling Skills - 10 weekends
2.- Diploma in Colour Therapy - 7 weekends

Creative Impulse also provides workshops, counselling and treatments.


Colour was used in therapy and healing thousands of years ago in various cultures. The Egyptians and the Ancient Greeks had colour healing temples, the Chinese used colour for diagnostic purposes and the Tibetans combined colour with mandalas, chanting and meditation. By combining ancient wisdom and modern research, the therapist uses various techniques to treat the person in a holistic manner, and in particular to treat the cause rather than the symptoms of an illness.

ArtworkHow does it work?

Just as the Earth has its own electromagnetic field around it, the human body has its own energy field beyond the physical body, which is called the Aura. The Aura is seen by clairvoyants as brightly coloured with all the colours of the rainbow. When we are out of balance there can be too much or too little of a colour around us, this in time will manifest itself as an illness with the physical body.

The Colour Therapist can notice these imbalances and can then treat them through Colour Therapy counseling and support life changes, direction, creativity and transformation.

Which conditions can benefit from colour therapy?

Colour Therapy is very successful in treating emotional imbalance particularly, stress, depression, chronic anxiety, and low vitality.

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